Destinations for 2017


Japan has retained its traditions and heritage, which effortlessly co-exist with modern Japan's cutting edge technological innovations and constant endeavour for economic growth. There are many reasons to visit this land of refined culture and traditional arts - its cuisine, the beauty and grace of its landscapes and coastline, its elegant gardens, beautiful temples and ryokans (traditional inns), the ancient capitals of Nara and Kyoto and for its subtle Zen philosphy. It offers unique experiences like staying at a temple, climbing Mount Fuji, traditional hot spring baths called "onsen" and even skiing! Spring brings "hanami", the viewing of cherry blossoms and autumn brings its own breathtaking foliage colors-probably the best times to visit Japan.


Closer to home is Bhutan, the last of the Himalayan kingdoms offering a refreshing break from the better known leisure destinations. With its pristine countryside, colorful and rich heritage, architecture shown up best in its dzongs (former fortresses, monasteries cum administrative centres) and its arts and crafts, Bhutan can justify its Gross National Happiness quotient as a better measure of satisfaction with life. The kingdom has attracted high end boutique hotels and plans on remaining an advocate of "low volume high quality" tourism.

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